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Developing greener technology for aviation
and providing affordable access to space research.

Our Vision
To develop technological breakthrough in greener design for aviation and affordable access to space research. Provide world-class engineering services to help our customers stay competitive, while functioning with an emphasis on a green envirnoment and the well-being of our teammates.
Who We Are
Aerosapien technologies is focused on aerospace research and engineering services. With current research focused on developing greener technology for aviation and provide affordable access to space research. We provide innovative, cost-effective engineering services to clients ranging from aerospace, automotive, mechanical, electrical and software industries. We work alongside our clients to execute projects with superior results.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide the best innovative technical solutions to our valued customers and help them stay competitive. We value our employees as much as we do our customers.

Energy- efficient electric propulsion for long-range air cargo transport system

Greener Aviation
Air transport contributes to climate change and represents 2% of human-induced carbon dioxide emissions. Flights produce 628,000,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. The predicted growth in demand for air travel is increasing 4-5% over the next few years. Aerosapien Technologies is committed to accelerating towards sustainable energy by developing all-electric, energy-efficient aircraft.
Our air transport system is designed to operate using any existing infrastructure. Enabling a better and efficient way to move things around.
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We help companies from startups to OEM’s to thrive in their business.

It is challenging for any startup to OEM to own all the required skills, tools & thought process in this world of innovation at breakneck speed. At Aerosapien Technologies our skilled engineers provide advanced and general engineering for designing products. Aerosapien Technologies leverages on its extensive expertise in engineering & customer services capabilities with excellent domain and technical knowledge to provide cost-effective solutions, resulting in value addition and customer satisfaction across various industry verticals.


Manufacturing support is provided according to customer specifications with the specified raw materials with special processes and standards, for which the required certifications will be furnished with the deliverables. Manufacturing support is furnished by a few of our prime partnered manufacturing companies. Our prime partnered manufacturing companies are leading players in Aerospace segment providing solutions for the manufacture of complex aero-components, airborne structures, landing gears, fixtures, MRO tooling and SPM’s.

Aerosapien Engineering and R&D Services

Aerosapien Technologies offerings span the complete aircraft development cycle, including design and development of jigs and fixtures, airframe structures, systems, interiors, technical publications, and reliability study for a wide array of aircraft ranging from trainer, transport, business, fighter aircraft, and helicopters to launch vehicles.

A&D engagements are internally supported by our service lines with a clear understanding on processes and procedures ensuring strict regulatory compliance. These include export regulations (ITAR) requirements with a strong support from legal & compliance, delivery and finance.


A&D service offerings

* Concept to Manufacturing services across aerostructures and aero systems.
* Center of Excellence in CAE & Reliability Analysis.
* Technical Publications.


Experiences Engineered for our customers (Case Studies)

For a major aerospace company, Aerosapien  has developed aircraft maintenance manuals and delivered within a short duration.  For an aircraft manufacturer, Aerosapien Technologies developed an assembly jig design for a rotorcraft manufacturer. The design achieved a cost that was 17% below the predefined target.

Aerosapien Engineering and R&D Services

We help enterprises to speed up the time to market their products by helping connect engineering solutions to global automotive organizations with automotive product development, from ideation to launch, high-end automotive design and styling, environment friendly solutions for low fuel consumption and low exhaust emission powertrains, virtual aerodynamic studies, validation, testing and system integration engineering.


Automotive Engineering Service Offerings

Hand and digital sketching
* 3D virtual modelling (interiors and exteriors)
* Numerical simulations
* Exhaust systems optimization
* Hybrid power train optimization


Experiences Engineered For Our Customers (Case Studies)

Exhaust system design and optimization

Bio-diesel plant development

Aerosapien Engineering and R&D Services

Aerosapien Technologies offers advanced mechanical engineering services to customers that help them in developing complex mechanical designs and products, significantly reduce their time-to-market and help them penetrate earlier and deeper into the existing and emerging markets. We utilize applicable standards, tools, and consultation with world-class chief engineers to support all phases of product design, from concept studies through full detail design.


Mechanical Engineering Service Offerings

*  Drafting & detailing
* Structural analysis
* Hydraulics design


Experiences Engineered For Our Customers (Case Studies)

Bio-diesel plant development
Shop floor planning & optimization

Aerosapien Engineering and R&D Services

To provide an affordable healthcare and medical devices infrastructure requires new approaches to leverage technology. Aerosapien Technologies’ expertise provides fast and cost-effective, end-to-end solutions across a variety of devices. We provide concept to manufacturing, prototype development & validation, as well as pre-clinic & clinical development.


Bio-Medical Engineering Service Offerings

* Product conceptualization
* Design, development & testing
* Regulatory compliance


Experiences Engineered For Our Customers (Case Studies)

For a major medical device company, Aerosapien Technologies engineered complex design and development on a cutting-edge product – a blood transfusion for medical devices.

Aerosapien Engineering and R&D Services

The electrical & electronics industry is proving to be quite challenging. Aerosapien Technologies provides innovative technology that can help them find the right balance between growth & profitability. Our comprehensive software engineering services provides enterprise software that helps organizations – banks, retailers, communication services providers, etc. to understand and meet the needs of their digitally-employed customers.


Electronics, Electrical and Software Engineering Service Offerings

* PCB design
* VLSI design
* Mobile and banking applications development
* Avionics


Experiences Engineered For Our Customers (Case Studies)

For a startup research organization, Aerosapien Technologies engineered cube sat hardware design and packing configuration.


Maintenance, Repair & Operations

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Aerosapien Technologies provides SAP user interface to meet industry requirements in the areas of maintenance engineering, planning, failure analysis, creation and revision of technical documents / manuals revision for business organizations, providing our customers with insight to achieve a safer, more reliable and cost-effective aircraft operation.

Our skilled technical publications services enables legacy publications to be rapidly adapted to latest standards in keeping with customers’ unique requirements of rocurement, modernization, integration and obsolescence management. Our technical publications services expertise adhere to industry standards.We utilize specialized techniques and methodologies for reliability data analysis which results in Failure reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) reports. These reports aim to provide you with information for achieving the highest aircraft reliability and dispatch availability. We also control and reduce maintenance costs through continuous collection of maintenance cost data and maintenance cost analysis. Maintenance data analysis provides our customers with insight to achieve a safer, more reliable and cost-effective aircraft operation.


Next Step

We are developing wearable technology to help maintenance technicians access the history of a faulty part, maintenance manuals, on how to best fix it and log the maintenance work. All with few verbal and gesture commands. This technology contributes towards efficient operations and towards increased operation safety.

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The mind behind
Aerosapien’s success !

Testimonial by Dr. Ravi N. Margasahayam ( M.S., M.B.A. )
Dr. Ravi N. Margasahayam ( M.S., M.B.A. )
Aerospace Engineer (Vibroacoustics and Launch Pad Structures) International Space Station Safety (Ret.) VIP Tour Guide and International Public Speaker
Dr. Ravi N. Margasahayam, recently retired as the Co-Chair for Ground Safety Review Panel (GSRP) that ensured the safety of all Payloads and Science experiments integrated at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Florida, USA, on their way to the International Space Station (ISS). In his 28+ year career at NASA KSC, Dr.Ravi has supported or worked on over 100+ Space Shuttle missions and supported many Rocket programs. He is NASA’s expert on Rocket Launch-induced Noise and Vibration Technology. Prior to joining NASA, Dr.Ravi embarked on decade-long journey spanning multiple technical disciplines with diverse industries such as railroads, mining, helicopters, commercial airplanes, and military aircrafts at Boeing. He designed gears for V-22, Chinook, and Comanche helicopters. Dr. Ravi is the recipient of NASA’s prestigious Silver Snoopy Award for exceptional engineering and safety improvements. Dr.Ravi also was an international public speaker and official KSC tour guide for the Public Affairs organization. He has provided technical and historical tours to astronaut families, foreign ambassadors, government dignitaries, international visitors, and military officials. His multilingual ability, coupled with the knowledge of world cultures, and global promotion of NASA’s mission and vision, earned him the unofficial title of KSC’s “Global Goodwill Space Ambassador” from Dr. Roy Bridges, Astronaut and former Center Director at NASA Kennedy Space Center. He has traveled and lectured in 30 countries and over 50 universities globally. More recently, he was invited to write the last chapter in “Infinite Worlds” book on the last Hubble Space Telescope mission STS-125. His photograph standing on the ‘Moon Launch Pad” – Complex 39A, atop the Solid Rocket Booster’s Main Flame Deflector, is permanently displayed in a $100-Million-dollar museum dedicated to Space Shuttle Atlantis at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center.

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